FBG- The 2nd Generation

“Every time I have different feeling but I always smile”
“I’m glad to see everyone still close to our club and FBG’s generations still maintain the spirit and enthusiasm to develop the club”
“I will come back next year for certain, by the way, the board of organizers is so cute!
These words express the feeling of the elder generation toward FBG this year. 
So what has happened???

8am, 22nd  June, 2014, FBG generations gathered at the zoo (District 1), attended first ground “Solve the Secret Code” to find out the gathering location. Then, everyone attended at Suoi Mo.
Organizers declared the reason of this program, introduced the guest, then we moved to new location. The program began new stage with a lot of games  given by the organizers, such as: Play football with cucumbers, play role in funny MV, guess pictures, fill your mouth with water, find eggs inside the bowl,… Although everybody was exhausted but we always smile and rock the Zoo.
In the evening, we sat together, shared our stories, feeling as well as our hope and orientation for the club in the future.

The FBG Generation Ship 2014 has finished the journey
Smiles and funny pictures…
Confidence and sharing…
Missing the place we used to be close…
Unforgettable memories of FBG’s generations…
Still remain.
Over all, we have inspired young generation to continue to maintain and develop FBG.
- - - - - 
A meaningful Sunday, the day of FBG Generation
We, organizers, are very happy to see the former generation’s enthusiasm. Thank you very much for attending the program and your sincerely sharing as well as your exciting to joint our games. Thank you for those smiles and hand shaking.

Thank you for everything.
Let’s watch FBG pictures on that day!