The Faculty of Finance and Banking is formerly known as the Department of Finance and Banking under the Faculty of Economics, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM) which was established under Decision No. 27/QD/EZ-2002, dated on 21/11/2002. Along with the development of the University of Economics and Law (upgraded from the Faculty of Economics), the Faculty of Finance and Banking was formally established under Decision No.93/QD-DHKTL-TCHC, dated on 01/07/2010.

The Faculty now provides training programs for both bachelor's and postgraduate degree (including master's degree and PhD) in finance and banking major. The training programs are set up through consulting training programs of leading universities in the US, UK, Australian, Singapore and adjusted frequently in consideration of feedbacks from alumni, employers and experts. It is also updated continuously to meet social demands. By 2014, the Faculty had successfully trained 9 batches of graduates (from Batch 2002 to Batch 2010) and 7 batches of master's degree (from Batch 2005 to Batch 2012). 95% out of 6500 graduates found an appropriate job in finance and banking sector;100% were employed after six months. At present, many of them are holding key positions at their workplace.
In order to enhance teaching quality, the Faculty considers the staff development and recruitment of excellent lecturers to be of great importance. By October 2014, the Faculty has 22 full-time lecturers, including 1 professor, 5 PhDs and 13 Masters and half of them are graduated from well-known foreign universities. Besides teaching activities, the Faculty also focuses on research by lecturers and students as the orientation of the UEL. Many students won high prizes in research activities from the UEL and Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), such as two third prizes from the MOET, one first prize at national level as well as other numerous prizes in CFA, CFO contests. Until now, FFB lecturers have received orders to conduct high-quality projects (4 foreign-funded projects, 2 from Ministries, 6 from the VNU and others from the UEL). 90 publications are published in prestigious domestic and international journals (13% in international journals and yearbooks). These projects have greatly contributed to policy decisions, promoting social development as well as enhancing the Faculty's reputation. The Faculty and its staff have received multiple noble titles such as: “Excellent Teacher”, certificates of achievement from the Prime Minister, the MOET, and the VNU-HCM President.   
With achievements of FFB staff and students, the Faculty aims to become Vietnam's top training and research unit which is ranked among top programs in ASEAN. Students graduating from the FFB are competent to work in a global working environment.

Some pictures of FFB staff and alumni

FFB Academic Staff
Prof. Nguyễn Thị Cành (first line , third people from the left) is awarded “Excellent Teacher” title

Mr. Hà Tôn Trung Hạnh – Vice Director of Sacombank
Master's student, Batch 2005

Ms. Trần Thị Kim Oanh – Head of Trade Office, HSC Company
Alumni, Batch 2006

Mr. Nguyễn Đăng Khoa – Credit Manager – Corporate Banking - ACB
Alumni, Batch 2004