After 12 years of establishment, the Faculty of Finance and Banking has built a firm relationship in education and research with numerous universities and institutions both in domestic and abroad.

In the design of curricula and programs for teaching activities, the Faculty has worked and received an enthusiastic support from universities in the US such as Texas Tech University, University of Nevada, University of California – Berkley, University of Michigan, University of Miami – Ohio; in Australia such as the University of New South Wales, University of Sydney; National University of Singapore. In addition, the Faculty also exchanges teaching and research activities with domestic universities and research institutions such as University of Economics and Business – Vietnam National University - Hanoi, Academy of Finance – Ministry of Finance, University of Economics – Ho Chi Minh City and University of Banking – Ho Chi Minh City.  

The Faculty considers the research activities and development of research partnership with international institutions such as Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Asia Foundation, and United Nation Development Program (UNDP).

After 10 years of development, the Faculty of Finance and Banking has obtained outstanding achievements in research, teaching, training and development of young human resources. The Faculty has chaired three international cooperation projects (two with Asia Foundation, one with CIDA) and participated in other projects with University of Nevada, University of Miami – Ohio, ADB and UNDP. In addition, the faculty staff have completed and successfully defended one project at VNU level, three projects at ministry level, and four projects at the University level in the field of finance and banking. The Faculty has published 11 textbooks and materials and cooperated with Thomson Publishing House in translating Financial Management, International Finance textbooks for the teaching activities of the Faculty in particular and the finance and banking major in Vietnam in general. 

The Faculty has organized 9 seminars with the participation of domestic and foreign scientists. The FFB staff have more than 70 papers and articles in both Vietnamese and English published in domestic and international journals and yearbooks.

Cooperation in education has helped the FFB staff in accumulating and updating teaching experience and knowledge, thereby enhancing their teaching skills. The outcomes of this are reflected by the quality of students as good appraisal from the stakeholders.

Bearing in mind the higher demand for quality human resource from units, the Faculty is striving to promote what we have achieved and cooperate with partners to further increase the quality of graduated students, performance, and teaching and research activities. 
UEL’s partners in teaching and research activities.     


With an aim to offer a comprehensive education, in addition academic knowledge, the Faculty keeps attaching a special attention to the provision of a practical environment where students can expose themselves to hands-on experience through cooperation programs with enterprises in the fields of economics, banking and finance. 

The Faculty has collaborated with numerous banks and finance companies in taking the faculty students for internship and sponsoring extracurricular activities events and academic activities. These activities are for creating an opportunity for students to accumulate knowledge and hands-on experience. The virtual stock trading market FESE, Finance – Banking Expo, “If I were the bank governor” contest etc. hosted by the Faculty have received a special attention and support from many organizations and enterprises.  

After 12 years of establishment and development, the Faculty has built a partnership with a lot of units, namely Ho Chi Minh Broadcast Station HTV, Ho Chi Minh Securities Cooperation HSC, Kien Long Bank, Sacombank, Techcombank, Agribank – Saigon branch, ACB, Eximbank, Maritime Bank, Vietnam Fund Management VFM, PriceWaterhouseCouppers PwC, ACCA, Vietstock, Sabeco, Vifon, FBT and Hoa Sen Group.

The contribution of organizations and enterprises has helped the Faculty to enhance training quality and brought about many other practical meanings.

Outstanding achievements of the Faculty for the last years are thanks to the great support of partners that are always besides the Faculty in every activity. The Faculty hopes to continue to receive more collaboration with units in education and training for a long-lasting an
d sustainable development.

  UEL’s partners: