Introduction to the AUN-QA of the Faculty of Finance and Banking

To ensure the quality of teaching and learning, the Faculty of Finance and Banking (FFB) has focused on adjusting, updating programs and curricular every 2 years. Since the 2006 – 2007 academic year, the Faculty has established the quality assurance team that is responsible for conducting the quality assurance task under the direction of the University of Economics and Law, the Vietnam National University, HCMC (VNU-HCM) and feedback from stakeholders such as current students, alumni, employers and experts. The feedback is processed and sent to the Faculty's Board of Management, involved lecturers for the adjustment, update of the programs and curricular so as to better meet the learners and society's requirements. 
The quality assurance of the Bachelor of Economics in Finance and Banking at program level is performed in compliance with the AUN standards and under the direction of the UEL's Board of Rectors and the Education Assessment and Quality Assurance Office (EAQAO) - UEL, and the Center for Educational Testing and Quality Assessment - VNU-HCM. The analytical framework applied to the self-assessment report is based on the AUN-QA Manual. By which, the criteria are assessed in alignment with the quality model used in teaching and learning activities.