"Decode CFA" Workshop

"Decode CFA" Workshop

In the morning of 20 April, 2014, at room 710, University of Economics and Law, VNU HCMC, Finance and Banking Club in collaboration with the Finance and Banking  Communist Youth has successfully organized the "Decode the CFA" talk show. This belongs to CFO The Challenge 2014 program. Its aim is to help students, especially students in Faculty of Finance and Banking understand the CFA certificate such as: what the CFA certificate is, CFA curriculum contents, importance and impact of the CFA as well as supporting knowledge to promote students’ motivation for academic study.

At 8am, the program officially began. To warm-up the talk show‘s atmosphere, 2 students  in FBG  have opened the program  with interesting performances. Next, the traditional art performance of FBG has amazed all attendees.

After the great performances, the MC introduced guests and organizers. We are honored to welcome:
1. Nguyen Huy van, CEO, co-founder Center for FGate-CFA training centre and financial application skills.
2. P Minh Trung CFA Business Development Manager at Refico; CFA Charterholders

In just 2 hours 30m, not only invited guests shared their knowledge, expertise, live experiences closely but also all the students in the auditorium expressed  and confirmed  their passion to achieve this international certificate. Whereby the door of the CFA have gradually been opened up through the sections:
Part 1: Knocking CFA. This is the time for 2 guests to present the CFA – basic requirement of the financial field to help students understand this certificate generally and systematically.
Part 2: The exciting experiences. It is the sharing of life experiences, methods, ways of learning and examining to be able to pass the CFA certificate .In this section, students will be connected with the MC through the game "Catch phrases", once  again stirring up the air of auditorium.
Part 3: Key to success. This is the time for students to have the opportunity and conditions to interact directly with 2 guests through the questions. And here once again confirms the students’ passion for studying through many questions about the CFA international certificate. 
Part 4: Public the result in the elimination round of The CFO Challenge 2014 in joyfulness and surprise of the playing teams.

Through the talk show -"Decode the CFA", Organizers of club and Faculty of finance and Banking Communist Youth Union hope students can improve their knowledge of the CFA certificate, how to learn and approach effectively the material sources, with assistance from experts in the senior leadership coming from FGate through the sharing, discussion of  many issues and listen to real stories from experts and even the students who have passion with CFA. 

This valuable knowledge is very  necessary for you to prepare for your careers. 
The workshop ended at 11am on the same day! 
See you on the next program of FBG!