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Hoằng Pháp Pagoda: voluntary activities of ECS and other clubs

Sunday, Nov 5th, Economics Club ECS organized a memorable voluntary tour at Hoằng Pháp Pagoda, Hóoc Môn vow. Specially, this activity also had the attendance of members from FBG and ITB Club.
Hoằng Pháp Pagoda has special construction and the biggest acreage in HCM city.

This pagoda has become a home of unlucky people. It’s close to a big holiday, the pagoda was crowded. We have attended soon, help them clean up the pagoda. In the afternoon, we divided into groups to distribute foods to unlucky people.

Thousands of meals had been given away. Under the hot weather of HCM city, looking at people gathering around to wait for meals, Vu, a volunteer shared: “Seeing everyone enjoys those free meals and their thankfulness, I forget all tiredness and quickly to distribute meals to them”.

Come to the pagoda, we not only can pray to Buddha but also understand our soul and lessons of Buddha. Although It’s only a short day but every member feels very happy to contribute to the pagoda’s activity: “Truth – charity – beauty are around us”