FESE 11th - Reaching knowledge


Through ten years of establishment and development, FESE GROUP has invariably attempted to become a prestigious academic brand name of University of Economics and Law. We try to supplement and improve our human resources, step by step develop their skills and knowledge on: Call auction, Continuous auction, Initial Public Offering, Short-selling, Margin, order types such as ATO, ATC, LO, MP,…By laying a solid foundation and incessantly researching and studying, FESE has now become one of the two largest stock exchange simulations in the southern area, receiving care and attention from lots of students in Ho Chi Minh City.

Following such traditions, FESE 11 determines specific targets of development but still upholds the core value “Inner consolidation, outer expansion, regarding students as fortune and lodestar in every activity from now onwards”. FESE 11 presumes to apply IPO online method into practice, extend the scale of operation throughout the country and bring the stock simulation model to investors of all ages and occupations, not only limited to Economics – Finance students.

Right after the end of FESE 10, FESE 11 began to appoint staff for the organization board, devise specific plans of all issues: content, event, market, media,…, as well as train new members so that we all shall make an eruption and burn up with our heart and soul in this November. Aside from preparing staff and facilities, FESE 11 has the honour to get sponsor from Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE).