FESE 10th - Build brandname and enhance the stature of UEL's students


10 years – not really a long journey, but only a milestone which marks the maturity and offers a mainstay for next generations to lean on and move forward.

10 years – a period of time long enough for FESE to look back on the road they had passed with thorny difficulties and constant efforts.

On achieving such success, the Organization Board of FESE have overcome numerous challenges, thanks to which FESE has become more mature and located their image in the mind of students who are interested in securities. The fire of enthusiasm was kindled in the first generation and has been handed down by burning hearts of FESE members and UEL teachers over the last 10 years.

With the key point lain on foreign exchange simulation and the contest “Mysterious stock code”, FESE 10 has brought about a new colour, attracting more than 30.000 students from different provinces and cities such as: Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, Can Tho City,…

FESE 10, with the motto “Flare of knowledge, Outburst of desire”, has left an unfadable impression on students. On the occasion of its 10-year birthday, FESE held the program “GALA Anniversary – FESE, 10 years of location” on 30/11/2013 to express its gratitude towards individuals and teams who have contributed to the foundation and development of FESE Group.