The final of "English Vinglish" Competition


On 16/4/2014, after more than one month since its start-up, English Vinglish has derived a lot of concern and supports from students in the area, among which the biggest attendance came from University of Economics and Law, Foreign Trade University, and Banking University HCM City.

Having passed a variety of testing rounds and challenges, at last 16 candidates from 4 excellent teams were glorified in the final round. The first, second, third and fourth prizes were respectively awarded to Unconquerable, No Name, Brainiacs and Wild. They received valuable scholarships and gifts, of which their talents and efforts are well deserving. Besides, two other prizes were awarded to excellent clips in the accompanying contest. Apart from deep humanitarian meanings, the clips also showed participants’ considerable enthusiasm and emotional investment in their works.
One of the factors that resulted in the success of English Vinglish this year, other than students, was generous support from sponsors.
We, incidentally, would like to express our heart felt appreciation to Smart Train for having helped and sponsored, thereby contributing to the program’s success. Besides, we would like to give our sincere thanks to teachers from Faculty of Finance and Banking and Department of Foreign Languages for your consultative advices and counsels; to University of Economics and Law,  Foreign Trade University and Banking University HCM City for your communication supports, which had brought the contest closer to students.
English Vinglish has come to a close, leaving the Organization Board and participator with different feelings and unforgettable memories. During the program, mistakes were unavoidable, hence we hope for your sympathy and wish this contest will be a bridge that not only paves the way for your future English but also links you to other friends from different universities. Let’s look forward to a newer and more impressive English Vinglish 2015!